24 Hour Emergency Plumbing in Antioch City

Antioch is a thriving center of business with a large suburban population. With an inviting lifestyle and a focus on the environment, residents enjoy the San Joaquin delta lifestyle and local parks.

Whether you need backflow testing or sewer line cleaning, our skilled plumbers are prepared to handle all your plumbing emergencies. We’ll clear your lines with industrial-strength hoses and calibrated nozzles without digging trenches in your yard.

Burst Pipes

The winter weather can be tough on your home’s water lines. The freezing temperatures cause water lines to break more frequently than they do in warmer months. When a water line bursts, it can cause gallons of water to flood your living room, bedroom, and kitchen. If you suspect a broken pipe, turn off your home’s water supply valve immediately. This will stop the flow of water and help mitigate damage until an Emergency Plumbing in Antioch CA arrives.

If you notice sewage odors coming from your drains or yard, it’s likely that your sewer line has become blocked or collapsed. You’ll need to schedule a professional for emergency sewer repair in Antioch as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more severe your water and sewage damage will be.

A clogged sewer line can lead to serious health problems and expensive repairs. It’s important to have a professional inspect your home’s sewer system every couple of years to prevent clogs, backups, and other damage. A regular inspection can also catch any small issues that may become bigger ones over time.

Overflowing Toilets

A toilet that overflows is one of the most common plumbing problems. It happens when the clogged drain line cannot carry water away from the toilet, and it backs up into the bowl.

A clogged toilet that overflows is not only messy and dangerous, but it can also expose you to harmful bacteria from the sewage. To avoid this, keep a plunger nearby and try to clear the clog before it gets out of hand.

If you can’t fix the clog, the next step is to shut off the water supply. You should find a valve near the base of the toilet that is designed to cut off the water flow. This should stop the overflow from getting worse before your plumber arrives.

Some toilet tank repairs are easy enough for a homeowner to do, including replacing the fill valve seal and overflow tube. However, issues with a clogged vent line or sewer line require the help of a professional plumber. These types of repairs usually involve digging trenches in your yard to access the broken pipes, but our plumbers use non-invasive methods that reduce damage and minimize cost. This helps our customers save money and restore their homes as quickly as possible. We offer a wide range of plumbing and sewer services in Antioch CA. To learn more, contact us today!

Sewer Backups

Sewer backups occur when a home’s drain pipes or main sewer line become clogged. The clog can be due to many different factors.

A common cause is Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) that wash down kitchen sinks, drains, and garbage disposals into the sewer system. These clogs can lead to home damage, health hazards, and environmental threats.

Another cause of sewer backups is when items are flushed down toilets that aren’t meant to be there. This includes paper towels, diapers, sanitary products, and other non-flushable materials. Flushing these items down a toilet causes blockages in the sewer system that can interfere with other homes’ plumbing as well as the wastewater treatment plant and surrounding environment.

Heavy rains can also overburden city sewer lines, sending water into connected homes. If this happens, it’s important to shut off the water valve and call Emergency Plumbing in Antioch CA right away.

To help prevent these issues, schedule a routine sewer line cleaning every couple of years. This process involves sending a camera down the line to check for clogs, breaks, and other problems. It’s also a good idea to install a backwater valve in your home, which will allow sewage to leave but not return. Foul odors coming from your drains or yard are another indication that it’s time to call for professional assistance.

Clogged Drains

A clogged drain can ruin anyone’s day. When a sink, tub or toilet won’t drain and the plunger can’t fix it, call your local Antioch plumber for a professional solution. A clogged line can allow moisture to leak into your home, damaging floors and walls. You can avoid this by performing a routine inspection of all drains in your home on a regular basis.

The drains in your home are considered part of the sewer system and should be cleaned regularly. A buildup of hair, grease, food, and other debris can lead to a blockage. A professional plumber will use a camera to inspect your sewer line and clean any obstructions with a high-powered water jet. This cleaning technique is also referred to as hydro jetting.

While there are plenty of household drain cleaners on the market, they don’t always get the job done and can damage your pipes. Chemical cleaners may prematurely corrode your pipes, while drain snakes and plungers often leave behind gunk that can act as the starting point for the next clog.

When a simple drain cleaning doesn’t get the job done, your expert plumber in Antioch CA will likely recommend a hydro-jetting service. This service involves using industrial-strength hoses with calibrated nozzles to shoot water at high pressure. This powerful force of water can break up and remove any tree roots, sludge or grease that is clogging your sewer line without the need for harsh chemicals.