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Different Types of Bomb Vape

There are a few different types of Bomb Vape that can be bought today. These include the Time Bomb, Berry Bomb, and Iced Mango Bomb.

Blue Bomb

If you are a fan of blue raspberries, you’ll probably be interested in the Blue Bomb vape. It’s an e-liquid containing 10ml of nicotine-free e-juice that has a deep blue raspberry flavor with a hint of cranberry. The coolest part about the Blue Bomb e-liquid is that it’s made by T-Juice, a company that produces its own liquids in a certified ISO 9001 lab. You can buy it in three different e-liquid strengths – 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Another cool thing about the Blue Bomb e-liquid is its ability to last up to three hours. In addition, it comes with a type-C recharging port so you don’t have to worry about losing your precious nicotine fix when you’re on the go. This makes the Blue Bomb e-liquid a no-brainer for those who don’t mind sacrificing some of their precious time in order to have some extra fun. The best part is that the Blue Bomb e-liquid is made right in England. That’s a win-win situation for both manufacturers and customers.

Berry Bomb

VGOD’s Berry Bomb is an e-juice that features sweet and sour strawberry. This blend has a sour and tart middle note that makes it perfect for anyone who loves candy. It is also a great vape juice for refillable pod systems.

The flavors are very smooth and have a delicious candy taste. There is a nice hint of minty coolness. You can enjoy this fruity candy mix anytime you want. Also, this is a nicotine salt e-juice, which means it has a higher nicotine content than other e-liquids.

VGOD’s Berry Bomb Nic Salt is a sour and sweet fruity vape that offers a satisfying and mouthwatering flavor. This flavor is a perfect blend of tangy sour strawberries and sweet candied strawberries. VGOD’s Berry Bomb is one of the most popular e-juices out there.

VGOD’s Berry Bomb is a great flavor to use in a pod system. However, this e-liquid is not suitable for sub-ohm tanks or low power devices. So if you are looking for a flavor that is great for sub-ohm tanks, then you might want to consider a different e-liquid.

Iced Mango Bomb

If you’re looking for a smooth and refreshing menthol vape, then look no further. With VGOD Pod 1K Iced Mango Bomb you can enjoy a cool, icy finish that’ll keep you sane throughout the day. It’s not only a cool e-liquid, but it also has an abundance of juicy sweetness.

The VGOD Pod 1K IcedMango Bomb has all the good stuff – sweet and ripe tropical mangoes, a sweet effusion of mango juice, and an icy menthol finish that’ll make your taste buds tingle. In fact, it’s one of the most popular flavors in VGOD’s line. This e-liquid also has nicotine and a thick mango nectar base, giving you maximum satisfaction in the most minimal amount of vape.

VGOD Pod 1K IcedMangoBomb is also available in 18mg and 6mg nicotine strengths. For those that are looking to blaze the trail with their nicotine intake, VGOD also offers the Stig Iced Mango Bomb disposable device, which is auto-draw activated and filled with 1.2ml of nicotine salts.

Time Bomb

Time Bomb is one of the best selling e juice flavor lines in the market. With its unique flavor profiles, the company has been able to cater to the needs of different vapers. The e-liquids of the brand are known for their powerful flavors and affordable prices.

For those who aren’t familiar with the brand, Time Bomb was created by a husband and wife duo. During the time of the vaping boom, these two individuals decided to create a new line of e-juices. It was their goal to produce high quality e-liquids that would stand out amongst the competition.

The e-liquids of the brand contain premium-grade ingredients that ensure a smooth throat hit. They also use food grade flavorings. These products are available in nicotine Salts and Original lines.

The e-liquids of Time Bomb have unique bottle designs. The brand is a part of Buckshot Vapors, which is an American family owned company that strives to create the highest quality vape juice.